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SIMPO 5000
51.2V Battery System I 5.12kWh
Up to 64 Units in Parallel
Ideal Storage for Diverse Tough Scenario
128V~576V Battery System I 6.4kWh~28.8kWh
Up to 8 Towers in Parallel
Robustness Residential Storage
244.8~1306.8V I 46.1kWh ~ 172.7kWh
Easy & Powerful C&l Solution
• 2 Variants, Slim and Energy Provide an Easy & Powerful Solution
• 1C High-Power Output to Enhance Your Project
• In-House BMS Development Ensures Optimal Fit for Any Application
• Open Compatibility With Top-tier Inverters Enables ONE FIT ALL Integration
• Automatic Commissioning Simplifies the Process with 1 Clik To Go
• Black Start Function for Off-Grid Power Scenario
120V Battery System I 44.2kWh
Up to 32 Systems in Parallel
Easy Stackable for Residential / Small C&I ESS