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FAQ & Inquiries
Our go-to source for Frequently Asked Questions, explore this section to find answers that will assist you on your journey!
How to choose the suitable battery for off grid application?
1) Lithium- iron batteries are suitable for off grid with higher efficiency, longer lasting and more sustainability.
2) Wide temperature charge and discharge ensures that your battery is fully operational in all seasons.
3) Simple configuration, commissioning and installation make off-grid more efficient.
Why should I choose ZYC Energy batteries for my energy storage needs?
ZYC Energy is your trusted partner for quality, reliable but simple energy storage solutions. We offer 360° project support to our valued customers to make them grow their business and deliver wonderful projects.
What is the warranty for ZYC Energy products?
Our off-grid products are supported by a standard 10-year 70% remaining capacity warranty, and we guarantee the top quality and reliability of our solutions.
Does ZYC Energy has non-communication battery ?
Of course! ZYC Energy has a excellent battery product called SIMPO 5000, which supports both CAN Communication & Communication Free.